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Agile interim resourcing solutions for peace of mind.

Modern business requires an agile workforce. Change programs, special projects, unexpected departures and parenting leave can create gaps in capability that are best met by an interim rather than a permanent appointment. Interim Executives and experienced contractors can replace, enhance, or coach your teams on a short-term or long-term basis.

SHK’s dedicated interim management division draws upon an extensive network of experienced interim executives to quickly mobilise high-calibre resources across a broad range of functions and industries, giving you access to high-quality, pre-qualified candidates for contracting roles. These executives may have chosen a portfolio career or have immediate circumstances that make an interim role an attractive option for them.

Because our relationship with candidates is usually pre-existing and they have loyalty to SHK, we can place them into interim roles with a high degree of confidence in their capability, reliability and commitment. This gives employers greater peace of mind.

To discuss your executive contracting needs or your portfolio career contact us.

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