Executive Coaching

SHK’s Executive Coaching program is designed to support and challenge individuals to enhance further their skills and performance, and gain deeper self-awareness. 

In working with executives to enhance capabilities and potential, the program explores a variety of issues, which may include highlighting areas of strengths and opportunities for development, such as participant's leadership approach, relationships with colleagues, decision making, or balance of home life and work life.

The coaching process uses a variety of assessment and interpretive one-on-one discussion, which provide the individual with greater self-understanding and assistance in setting clear goals. The program is personally tailored to suit individual needs and also encompasses issues outside of the workplace.

SHK's consultants have deep executive coaching experience or extensive senior executive careers in significant Australian and international corporations, bringing a holistic and personal perspective of the challenges facing contemporary executives

The approach taken is comprehensive, including discussion on any relevant area of life that relates to career.

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