Executive talent network

We don’t wait for opportunities. We help to create them.

In recent years, there have been fundamental changes to the way in which executives around the world find great jobs, and these changes are accelerating. This is why SHK created the Executive Talent Network.

The rise of LinkedIn has increased the visibility and accessibility of executives in every industry. It has opened up opportunity and intensified global competition. In this increasingly noisy marketplace, though, the number of outstanding performers – the talent that everyone seeks – has remained about the same.

If you are an executive, it is now critical to seek independent career counsel from someone who is well qualified in your market and who can help best position you, not just for what you are doing today, but also for where you aspire to be.

If you are an employer competing for market-leading talent, the timing and the way to approach an in-demand executive have never been more important.

Both of these come together in SHK’s Executive Talent Network, the hidden market where talented executives and organisations connect before an official role becomes available. It is about an opportunity created to secure a candidate who is too good to miss out on, and for an executive to step into an organisation they admire.

SHK excels in this offering. Unlike the traditional global search firms, we see enormous value in facilitating introductions outside of searches for available roles. Unlike firms that operate at the lower end of our industry, our consultants have the credibility, expertise and executive networks to make these connections professionally and effectively.

We are often the first call an executive will make when considering their next career move. The trusted partnerships we have built with clients in Australia’s best organisations give us visibility of, and access to, potential opportunities that will never be advertised.

SHK’s Executive Talent Network is growing . Are you missing out on it?

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