Inclusion and diversity

SHK champions diversity, supporting the creation of not just inclusive work environments, but also an inclusive society.

​SHK is dedicated to supporting the creation of environments that value and utilise the contributions of people with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Evidence shows that such work environments achieve better performance.

As a people advisory firm, we are conscious that we influence who sits at the executive table in many Australian organisations. We believe that taking the lead in helping to achieve greater diversity and inclusion, both in our own business and for our clients, is a fundamental part of being a good corporate citizen.

SHK promotes diversity in the executive search sector, and the broader recruitment environment, through our active leadership in this area, strong and visible community commitment, and by partnering with clients in embracing and championing the benefits of diversity.

We also support the efforts of the employers we partner with to create a culture of respect and inclusion. Regardless of whether it is a stated client preference, SHK invests the time to present gender-balanced short lists. SHK also appreciates that diversity is more than about gender, and we have developed a niche specialisation in the appointment of Aboriginal executive positions. More broadly, SHK has assisted in the appointment of senior roles dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

Founded on a commitment to making a difference to people’s lives, SHK has a broad corporate social responsibility program that focuses on diversity in addition to assisting disadvantaged and vulnerable members of society. SHK is proud to be a Foundation Partner of the Pinnacle Foundation. In 2018, SHK created an SHK-branded scholarship through the Foundation, providing financial support and mentorship to an LGBTI student to enable them to complete their university studies when their personal circumstances would have otherwise made it very difficult.