Retirement Planning

SHK's Retirement Planning program helps late-career individuals have honest and creative conversations about career and life plans to achieve a smooth transition to a fulfilling retirement.

Retirement planning is much more than financial planning. As working lives continue to extend, and after having fulfilling and productive careers, planning for the future includes considering ways of adding value in new ways through your wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. And importantly, how to transition to a rewarding retirement.

​SHK's Retirement Planning program is a practical and interactive program focussing on areas participants can proactively manage to make the transition to retirement a positive and enabling experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Visualising your retirement

  • The statistics of retirement

  • Considering options

  • Making the transition

  • Reviewing the factors that will influence a successful retirement

  • Exploring new avenues or re-igniting old interests

  • Staying connected

  • Writing your retirement plan.

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