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Sustainability Victoria

About this program

​Sustainability Victoria (SV) supports Victorian communities in transitioning to a circular and climate resilient economy – to deliver the State of the Future. SV is a statutory agency of the Victorian Government, governed by the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005 and the Environment Protection Act 1970.

Recycling Victoria – a New Economy will transform the waste and resource recovery sector in Victoria. This bold new policy will lead a change in Victorians’ behaviour and mindset from a culture of waste to a culture of respect for resources, leading organisations to adopt circular procurement, investing in new infrastructure and creating new jobs of the future.

As Sustainability Victoria realigns to deliver on this exciting new strategy, the organisation seeks to appoint six outstanding executive leaders – each with an entrepreneurial growth mindset of learning, continuous improvement, empowering teams and achievement.

These roles are:

For more background please see:

- Candidate Briefing Document

- CEO Briefing Video

    How to apply

    As Sustainability Victoria works through an integrated search and selection process across its entire executive leadership team, applicants are encouraged to express interest for multiple roles. To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter, applying via the above links through the job in which you have primary interest.

    Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be in Word format and no more than four pages.

    It must contain:

    • - contact details, qualifications (institution and year attained)

    • - a brief overview of career on the first page

    • - demonstrated relevant senior leadership experience and achievements with dates.

    Your cover letter must be in Word format, no more than two pages and must address:

    - Your preferred role, and any other roles in which you have interest in being considered

    - Examples of your having achieved impact, insight and agility at an organisational or sector level underpinned by values that mirror that of SV

    = Your capabilities as a strategic senior leader of people and teams through periods of change and growth

    - A short narrative on how you have applied your investment in continued development and growth (personal and professional) as a leader.

    - Examples of contributing to a high performing executive leadership team

    - Your current notice period (if any) and dates of booked leave or holidays in the next six months.

    Applications that do not contain responses to the above or don’t meet format requirements may not be considered. Please check you have addressed the criteria above in the length required. Selection will be based on individual capability and the appointment of a balanced and complementary ELT to drive SV’s culture and performance. Please note that these roles are offered as three year, fixed-term contracts.

    For more information contact Penny Wilson, Partner at SHK on +61 3 8620 8017 or Matthew Belleghem, Managing Partner at SHK on +61 3 8620 8037.Direct and third-party applications will be forwarded to SHK.

    Last updated 30 March 2020. Please note that this page will be updated periodically with additional detail.