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To learn more, scroll down for the Candidate Brief. Applications closed 10 July 2023, this site is retained for information.

About the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing

The establishment of the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing was the first recommendation of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System in in November 2019.

The Centre came into operation on 1 September 2022, with its early establishment being emblematic of a commitment to a reformed mental health system. It brings people with lived experience together with researchers and mental health services to provide care, treatment and support for adults and older adults; it conducts interdisciplinary research to achieve better mental health outcomes.

​Hear more from the Chair, Terry Laidler on the Collaborative Centre and the CoCEO roles.

The Board

Ten inaugural Board members have been selected who each bring a range of experience and skills. This includes at least four people who identify as having a lived experience of mental illness or psychological distress, including two people who bring a consumer perspective and two with experience as a family member, carer or supporter, two mental health professionals and people with experience in government and non-government mental health services.

The Royal Commission recommended a joint executive leadership model for the Collaborative Centre to best execute its functions. This is why the Board of the Collaborative Centre is seeking two innovative leaders as their inaugural Co-Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) - who offer significant experience and skills: a lived experience leader and someone with clinical/academic experience.

Co-Chief Executive Officers

The Co-CEOs will play central roles in the establishment and development of the Collaborative Centre and its vision through setting early strategic directions on a strong foundational base.

In accordance with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022, the Board will appoint two Co-CEOs who meet the following criteria:

  • — One who has worked or is working in academia in the field of mental health and has worked, and/or is working in clinical practice as a practitioner.

— One who identifies as experiencing or as having experience mental ill health or psychological distress and has demonstrated the ability to apply their lived experience to improve systems that deliver health or human services or to develop policy.

More information. Applications closed 10 July 2023, this site is retained for information.


—   The Candidate Brief, including the Position Description.

How to Apply. Applications closed 10 July 2023, this site is retained for information.

To apply please submit the following in Microsoft Word format:

—   a recent CV/ Résumé (4-5 pages preferred) in Word format

—   a brief letter or cover email note highlighting your capabilities against the role (one page is preferred)

You are not required to separately address Key Selection Criteria at this time. Your CV achievements will be reviewed for alignment with the Key Selection Criteria.


You may be contacted by SHK for further conversation or interview with the consultant, and potentially, invited to Panel interviews or other informal meetings as part of the process.Contact may be via email or phone, including voicemail.

Selection processes will take some time and may include multiple panel interviews and selection stages over the next months. There may be delays in communications on this process, due to decision making at each step and requirements of executive appointments and formal approval.Candidates will be notified of their status at the appropriate stage by email or phone.

Direct and third-party applications will be forwarded to SHK.

Additional information and referee details will be requested from you only as required, later in the process, and will need to include specific details that allow verification of the referees.

A range of full probity checks will be required for the final candidates in consideration, prior to a formal offer via a letter and contract.A standard executive contract will be offered to the successful candidate of three to five years.

 For assistance with administrative matters, please email Lilli Vagnarelli, Associate, as or call + 61 3 8620 8009.

 For a further confidential discussion after reviewing the Candidate Brief and lodging your CV, please email Penny Wilson, Senior Partner (preferred) or call + 61 3 8620 8017 or contact Lilli Vagnarelli, Associate, as or call + 61 3 8620 8009.