SHK partners with a vast range of education organisations to fill an equally extensive range of executive roles within the sector. The Education practice benefits from SHK’s extensive reach across all sectors and levels of education to ensure a quality appointment for every education leadership position. SHK’s national and international networks include education systems (government, independent, faith-based), education support organisations (professional associations, advocacy and policy), curriculum development (training and development, quality and regulatory, education unions) and education institutions (universities, vocational, training and further education, schools and early learning centres).

Key portfolios within SHK's Education search practice include:

  • Education leadership: including teaching, learning, pedagogy, curriculum and programs

  • Student recruitment: including enrolment, engagement and international admissions

  • Education business leadership: such as chancellery, general management, human resources, finance, operations, information technology, property, stakeholder liaison and partnerships, marketing and communications and portfolio manager positions.

Education jobs


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